After-sales and maintenance

About After-Sales

After the establishment of C2 COMPUTER, efforts were made to develop and strengthen internal personnel. In addition, constantly try to find new sources of supply, the goal of consumers to get the best price products. In addition to try to provide the best second-hand service, check the quality of the best to make each second-hand product shopping happy, use at ease.

C2 Computer aims to fill the sales and customer service team by 2017, with the goal of asking consumers to get good service while with professional sales advice and support.

About Maintenance

Customer voucher maintenance, please check the maintenance date on the document. If you have any objection, C2 Computer as the final decision.

CategoryExpress fee (HKD per piece)NewSecondhand
Hard drives and SSDsHKD$25One year3 months (half a year after registration)
MotherboardHKD$40One year3 months (half a year after registration)
Show adapterHKD$30One year3 months (half a year after registration)
MemoryHKD$25Lifelong3 months (half a year after registration)
LaptopsHKD$60One year3 months (half a year after registration)
Tablet computersHKD$30One year3 months (half a year after registration)
CpuHKD$25One year3 months (half a year after registration)
OtherN/AHalf3 months (half a year after registration)


During the maintenance period, the package natural damage maintenance, package labor, package parts, do not pack batteries, do not pack man-made damage. Please keep the on-board maintenance label, disassemble the machine, no Label is not guaranteed.

The machine requires 2-7 working days or more (depending on the part).

Registration maintenance

About Trading

General transactions for face-to-face, please buy the first inquiries inventory. If there is no stock to order, please contact us first.

Face-to-face trading is generally available at Kowloon Bay MTR station or along the East Rail Line

  1. Please make sure the product is in good condition when you deliver.
  2. Please try to be punctual.
  3. C2 reserves the right to charge 30-50% deposit to process orders

Courier we will send by courier within 2 working days. Generally, it takes 3-4 working days to receive the product from receipt.

SF-Express to pay need to add 2.5 to pay the receipt fee.



The final decision on all disputes is based on the C2 Computer.


Buyer expressly awning s Invoice and these Terms and Conditions of Sale the complete a d’s a dis of th e parties with respect to the sale of the product (s) listed on the invoice and no no no or insor odd or odd ons in Buyer’s purchase order or in any other ol ol former or post in any way hadd to, modifying or otherw Ise change these such terms and Conditions of sale shall be binding binding upon seller.


C2 Computer reserves the right to cancel any order without any reason.


Low price guarantee: a new product, if can mention the official documents lower than our price, we will sell to customers at the same price. (One customer per product)


Product Delivery: We try our best to get our products delivered to our destination within 4 working days.


Products need to be delivered or face-to-face, check the appearance, in the appearance of problems refused to receive, and as soon as possible to contact C2. C2 does not accept any appearance of return and exchange after receipt. The machine can be inspected for up to 7 days.


After the buyer confirms the order orally or by word, cancels the order for any reason and C2 reserves the right to charge the product amount of 10 as an administrative fee.


Non-warranty: CPU overclocking, whether new or second-hand, will not be maintained.


C2 as far as possible to maintain fair trading, fair, price advantage, excellent service. and provide limited liability.


Return: Products within 7 days to check clearly, 7 days organic parts problem 1 change 1, 7 days after the maintenance procedures. All decisions are made on top of the C2 Computer.


Buyer shall defend, indemnify and hold innoin seller and its affiliated or company company from and and against any and al l claims, losses, liability, damages and expenses, not buts to limited, but’s and fees and cost of defense arisi ng from, son to or in any way connect a tha i awy or to to from from out of any asserted innies or defects i N Product caused by any ysodd odd thereof by-buyer with or out seller’s consent, or or yn or storage by Buyer, the breach of any term or condition stated herein, Buyer’s failure to label Product or Buyer’s impro Per labeling of product sofes of the whythe labeling was ed dydd or without the advice of Seller.


Payment: Please contact us to confirm the inventory before placing an order. To order a product, it may be possible to request a deposit of 30 deposits to the C2 Computer company account.


C2 Computer will do its best to keep the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region safe. If there is a bad one, ask for advice from all walks of life, and C2 Computer will try to improve.

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